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13 Shocking Instagram Statistics That Will Change Your Marketing Plan

Marketing on Instagram is crucial these days, that’s if you want your brand to stay ahead of the competition. Instagram has grown significantly as a platform, as it approaches the same amount of users as Facebook and Twitter.

Similar to other types of social media marketing. Advertising on Instagram requires a creative approach that’s always changing along with the rise and fall of a variety of trends.

Staying up-to-date with all of the changes can be challenging. Especially when you’re trying to optimize your marketing campaign. But the smartest thing to do is keep an eye on the data.

Always go through the analytics to see what’s working for you and what isn’t.”

Check Out These:

“13 Shocking Instagram Statistics That Will Change Your Marketing Plan”

1. Over 1 Billion Active Users

Instagram can brag about the astounding user base of over 1 billion people. While that’s barely up to Facebook’s level of engagement, it does effectively overshadow the amount of Twitter and Pinterest users.

The growth of Instagram doesn’t seem to be diminishing anytime in the near future. Make sure that you’re taking advantage of the wide audience that is found there. Overlooking Instagram would be a terrible mistake. And it’s also silly to underestimate the size of your audience’s presence on the Instagram platform.

2. At Least Half Of The Active Users Log In Every day

Each and every day, well around 500 million users sign into Instagram. That’s equal to half of Instagrams entire user base. Not only is that shocking, but the numbers still continue to rise, so make sure that you’re trying to engage with these daily visits to the site. This figure measured people who performed actions on Instagram, for example liking posts.

3. More 4.2 Billion Likes Per Day

Users on Instagram hit the like button just about 4.2 billion times, every single day. Any user at any given time likes a few posts on their feed before logging off, Instagram users are wanting to engage with content. That is a fact and your marketing campaign needs to be ready to take advantage of that.

4. Increased Disposable Incomes

For some reason or another, people with more disposable income seem to herd towards Instagram. More than 30% of people who earn between $30,000 to $75,000 a year, are on Instagram. Those figures are consistent throughout no matter where you want to split it. Just measuring users who only make more than $75,000 a year 31% of them use Instagram.

5. Instagram Images Work Better

Instagram was designed to share photos. Images on the platform get over 23% more engagement on average compared to Facebook photos.

6. 4% of Brand Followers Engage Regularly

4% may seem like a very small number of followers, but compare that to the 0.1% of devotion that brands on Facebook and Twitter receive. As a platform, Instagram simply has more of an engaging user base.

7. Engagement Rates Are Higher In General

It’s not only a brand’s followers that have interaction with the content. When you look at the engagement overall, brands on Instagram get 10 times the normal response that they normally get on Facebook. Text and visual content are included in that statistic as well, so it’s not only measuring images.

8. 70% of Users Will Look on Instagram In Search A Brand

Nearly 3/4 of Instagram users will search a brand’s Instagram page to learn about them. That’s why it’s crucial that you make sure yours has intriguing content. If you don’t have an Instagram page, you’re losing potential conversions.

9. Over 80% of Users Follow Minimum One Brand

The existence of brands on Instagram is unavoidable, users are still actively following them because of their content. While the 80% statistic just measures people who follow one brand minimum, many of that percentage follow more than one.

10. 60% of Users Discover New Products Through Instagram

This statistic confirms that Instagram is an efficient platform to advertise new products. While you may be searching for clicks and likes, ROI or return of investment should still be the drive behind all your social media marketing.

11. More Than 200 Million Users Visit Minimum One Brand’s Profile Each Day

More Than 200 million users on Instagram are actively going through the profiles of minimum one brand every single day. Be sure that your brand’s profile is maximizing a compelling yet informational bio. Complete with the information on how to contact you directly.

12. Brands Post Every Day

For the most part, brands are creating posts on Instagram for every day of the week. Averaging about 28 posts per month, this means your posts must be frequent and consistent if you want to stay competitive.

13. User-Generated Content Gives 4.5% More Conversion

Included in your Instagram marketing campaign, you should try to attract users to create their own content. This will not just save you time and effort, but receiving permission to use that content will assist you in gain, even more, conversions to your brand.

The Conclusion – Optimize Your Campaign

Staying current with the most recent Instagram statistics to reinforce your social media campaign can be a challenge. But with the right social media team, you can maximize your social media campaign. To push conversions with analytics and achieve results.

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