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4 Ways Your Website Benefits When Hosted By A WPengine Partner

Just as the title states, there are many benefits to your website as well as your business when it’s hosted by a WPengine partner on a MainStreet Managed WordPress server. One of the biggest benefits is management. WPengine partners manage the server your website is hosted on, this way you know exactly who to reach out to if you have an issue.

Now let’s get into the other benefits!

1. Management

As we talked about in the beginning, one of the benefits is WPengine partners manage the server. What exactly does that mean?

In a nutshell:

  • Creates an image of all existing configurations and updates prior to applying new updates
  • Scans for Malware and removes threats
  • Scans for Spam and removes anything suspicious
  • Optimizes your website

2. Value

When your website is hosted by a WPengine partner, there is added value.

For example: With the partner being able to host your site, it can keep the costs lower than they could be if it were hosted directly through WPengine.

Another way you get added value is through the tools that WPengine gives the partner access to so they can manage the server.

Such as:

  • A checkpoint restore (Full Image Backup)
  • A Development & staging area for making major site changes (Good for site design & Redesigns)
  • Content Delivery Network or CDN controls ( Improves site load time)

3. Support

When it comes to support no one does it quite like WPengine. With WPengine managing over 200,000 websites daily and 24hr customer support, it’s easy to see why they are the best at what they do. But, where does the partner come into play? The partner is available to take on tasks when WPengine isn’t able to find a solution. The partner will proceed to create a solution and implement. All while staying in contact with the client and WPengine until the issue is resolved.

4. Security

This is an important part of WPengine servers and one you should pay close attention to.

  1. Threat detection and blocking – The platform vigorously inspects traffic. While looking for new kinds of attacks or patterns of requests. From specific locations that present a threat and those are blocked immediately. Even though attackers are coming up with new tactics, the rules on WPengine are always evolving.
  2. Web application attacks – WPengines security systems are designed to block numerous web application attacks. The platform blocks on two layers, the Nginx layer and within WordPress itself.
  3. Proactive Security Maintenance – On occasion WP engineers will craft a unique plugin or patch. Sometimes they may even offer another option to perform a plugin upgrade for customers that have been affected. This is to keep them secure prior to an official security patch, that is made official by plugin developers.
  4. Patching and updates – When WordPress receives a security patch from the WordPress Foundation. WPengine upgrades all customers across thousands of sites. As quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that their websites are not left vulnerable to an attack.


So now you know some of the benefits behind having a Wpengine partner host your website. Are you ready to make the switch to the best? If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place. Mainstreet Design is proud to be partnered with such a reputable company. If you are interested in Managed WordPress Hosting Services and hosting on MainStreet WPengine servers.

If you already hosted, we offer:

  • Sucuri security services
  • Mainstreet WordPress maintenance