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Blogger Outreach Best Practices

Blogger Outreach is a fast way to accelerate your traffic growth. By leveraging other blogger’s authority. The best way to accomplish this goal is through blogger outreach.

This guide will help you obtain self-knowledge and begin to educate yourself with blogger outreach best practices.

Goals to shoot for:

  1. Develop relations with the blogger in question.
  2. Pitch content ideas
  3. Get a contextual backlink.

Wax On, Wax Off, Repeat.

If you follow these guidelines, then you will for sure start building up high-quality backlinks that will boost your rankings.



Find the opportunities! The easier part of the entire process anyone can be capable of doing this task.

Now, most do not know that you can educate yourself and do this on your own or turn to outsources.

Outsourcing is an option, but learning is more rewarding.

This will make outsourcing easier for you as well.

2. Qualify/Prioritize Opportunities

To prospect your first step in the process. To do this must filter through your list of prospects and pick through them. That will give the best “ROI” the Return on Investment.

This process is called qualifying links.

Use these guides provided to help you qualify and prioritize a list of prospects:

  • 25 Ways to Qualify Great Links; this guide is old from 2011, it still has some leeway.
  • Which Link Opportunities are Worth My Time?; Included in this guide for you that will explain important elements of link qualifications.
  • How to Prioritize Link Opportunities; This is a guide created by GotchSEO to explain the Relevancy Pyramid. The Relevancy Pyramid is the technique he uses to prioritize our link opportunities.

These guides will help clean up that prospecting list and help ensure you are going for the best opportunities you can.

Relationship Building

This idea intimidates most people in the creation of “Building Relationships”.

This isn’t an intense as believed.

You are doing nothing more than as believed.

You are doing nothing more than attempting to create a working business relationship.

To achieve this both must benefit from these relations. To do this you must engage with there content, share your thoughts, reach out to them on social media, let them know about a recent blog post you put out that’s relevant.

So build relationships!



This is the most important objective in relationship building. To do this you need to know the basics.

  1. Copywriting
  2. Persuasion
  3. Human Psychology

To help with this here are some resources:

  • Quantifying Outreach: What We Learned from Over 300,000 Custom Outreach Emails; This is a case study by iAcquire showing results of different outreach experimentation. Regardless of this case study a comprehensive one you still need to test of your own.
  • Guest Post Outreach Best Practices; Guide on Moz that was written by the people at “Page One Power”. This is good for creating outreach templates.
  • 11 Tricks for Sending Effective Outreach Emails; This guide is important to understand basic psychology of outreach.

So Bloggers and Social Media havens are the dominant “Tastemakers” these days. Columnist Tamar Weinberg explains how to approach and employ key influences in marketing. Social media marketing has evolved substantially since its first became mainstream.

As social media has achieved some critical milestones. A lot of what was done before is now more than ever your social media marketing strategy and should focus on building relationships.

While some marketers have pursued social media marketing for mainly ego boosts. The traffic boost and whatever else have always recommended marketers who focus on social media marketing as a means to build your authority and possibly your search engine rankings.

The fundamental idea that “social influence” affects the links to your website has never changed.

Links are the currency of the web, this is why it’s important to know blogger outreach best practices, and put them to work!


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