Branding Design Services

What are our Branding Design Services?

Your brand identity covers many aspects of day to day business and, taking the time to develop and hone in on your branding is one of the most important steps when launching or rebranding a business. Effective brand strategy makes you stand apart from the competition and creates a connection with customers.

At MainStreet Design, we believe that your brand is an extension of you.

– Team MainStreet Design

Branding is a business practice in which a company builds a name, symbol, and or message that can be identified easily to consumers as belonging to the business. A company’s brand goes further than just a logo and spans into advertising, content design, customer service, and employee satisfaction. 

Design is not always visual, designing a brand strategy is thinking big picture, solving problems, foreseeing future problems, and adapting to a changing world. But, where to start? 

Every brand consists of two elements:

  • Reputation x Visibility = Branding

Our branding design services address both of these critical components, raising the profile of your business’s expertise.

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Important Focus Areas when developing a Brand

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Logo – A symbol comprised of words and/or images that are recognized by customers.

Brand – The feeling or connection that a customer has about a company or product. 

Brand Identity – The visual, tangible aspects of a brand. Including but not limited to; logo, logo variations, color schemes used by a company overall or as part of a product collection, fonts used in print / graphic marketing and websites, type treatments, consistent image and video style, tone of writing for copy. 

Brand identity documentation takes the guesswork out of the day to day decisions and helps deliver a consistent and cohesive image to customers to cultivate trust and loyalty.

Brand Value – Consistent brand strategy leads to increases in your brand equity and brand value. The more you connect with customers and are recognized, the more value your brand holds.
Companies with high brand recognition can charge more for their products, as customers have developed trust and believe in the brand. 

Developing a Brand Identity

1. Analyze your business – While logos are tangible and an exciting part of brand development. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Start with identifying your businesses strengths, weaknesses, values, culture, threats, competition and opportunities. Include staff, stakeholders, investors in this process to develop a clear overall picture of the business. Having a big picture view of the business helps to set goals and determine what actions are needed to reach them.

2. Determine goals – A brand’s identity should reflect its business goals. For example, an organic food company is targeting a healthy lifestyle market, it’s choice of marketing channel and ad graphics should appeal to potential customers.

3. Who are your customers? – Survey customers, hold focus groups, and interview customers to learn what they think, how they buy, why they buy and obtain feedback on your product(s).

4. Create a message and image for the business – Customer perception of your business needs to be consistent. Less is more. You can not be everything to everybody. Choose a clear message and style to increase recognition by your customer base.


J.J. / Justin J. Mainstreet Design Graphic Designer

Professional service-based business’s rebrand for many reasons. That range from renewing their look to reinventing themselves.

Whichever goal you set, we trust that a successful brand launch or re-branding has to accomplish two things:

  • Separate you from your competition
  • Raise your value in the eyes of future clients

Mainstreet Design’s branding design services process changes the way future clients, job aspirants and teams think about and experience your business.


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Many businesses, especially those with many offices or practices, struggle to cast a consistent brand.

Their teams have no common view, the way they talk about the business can be out of sync with their clients. Branding can solve many of these obstacles.

In short, branding can get your company excited again.

Our project managers work with you directly to walk you through every step, from mission statements, business goals, typeface selections, color palettes, and working with MainStreet designers to deliver a brand identity that reflects your company.

Basic Package

  • Brand Review and Documentation (Mission Statement, Digital Style Guide)
  • 1-hour Meeting With The Designer (After Consultation)
  • One Primary Logo Design
  • Two Logo Variations
  • Any Type Of Business Or Organization

Starting at $700

Gold Branding Package

  • Basic +
  • 1 Brand Collateral Design
  • Branding Design Assets
  • Social Media Cover Art

Starting at $900

Diamond Branding Package

  • Basic and Gold +
  • 1 Additonal Brand Collateral Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Envelope Design
  • Business Card Design

Starting at $2000

A La Cart: (contact us for an estimate and FREE consultation)

– Logo Design ( 3 concepts, 1 concept developed with 2 revisions)

– Style Guide Creation (printable PDF or Printed Copies)

– Brand Marketing Material Design and Print Services

  • Business Card Design
  • Social Media Graphic Design
  • Letterhead and Envelope Design
  • Trade Show and Tent Design
  • Signage and Banners
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • e-Book and Magazine Layouts
  • Promotional items