The Best WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Is your WordPress Website Maintenance too time-consuming?

Are you worried about if your website is backed up?

Are you tired of dealing with spam?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the right place. As a WPengine partner, Mainstreet Design offers an exclusive WordPress Website Maintenance Services. Let me explain a little more about what this website maintenance service and it’s features are and how they can help you

Website Maintenance Services List

1. Plugin Updates

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So as we all know it can be very time consuming with all the plugin and theme updates coming out unexpectedly at any time. If your plugins are not kept up to date it can cause a significant number of issues to your WordPress site & even your marketing efforts. At Mainstreet, we compile Plugins, Themes, and WordPress core updates into a single list, this allows us to:

  • Update
  • Install
  • Deactivate
  • Install a previous version over the current one

2. Restore Point

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I think everyone has had a scare or two when it comes to restore points and not knowing the last time you did one. Here at Mainstreet, we use a process called “Safe Update”. What that means is, we create a restore point for you and compare the website before and after the update. However, if something goes wrong with the update, we have our restore point and can roll back to the previous update.

3. Spam

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This issue needs no introduction. We all get them in our emails, across websites that we visit, even on our own website. Attackers are always coming up with new tactics to spam users and businesses.

Our service includes “Spam Control”. We put all the comments from across your site and put them in one place to either approve or spam the comments in seconds.


To close this out, consider using our WordPress Website Maintenance Service. Think about all the time you would free up dealing with all the tedious little details. Leaving you the time you need to focus on the bigger things. Fill out the form below and for only $25 a month, we can get you started in as little as 72 hours with proper access. If you pay annually you will receive 2 months free.