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5 ways To Make Your Brand More Human

To be brutally honest, customers don’t trust brands

A large number of people view companies as faceless enemies with intentions of

They’re only out to make money”

They’re only telling us what we want to hear”

If your business wants to bring on more customers, they need to trust you.

As a matter of fact, more than one in three customers ranked “trust in brand” amongst the top three factors in their decision process. Apart from the price, influencing their decision to buy from a specific retailer.

How To You Get Consumers To Trust Your Company

You can achieve this by showing them the humanness of your brand. This will inspire more trust from customers. In turn this will boost your conversions and build meaningful relationships with your audience.

Check out this list of ways to make your brand more human

Show Off Your Funny Side!

Sociable laughing leads to an endorphin release in the brain, this may encourage the formation of social bonds. Therefore if laughter can assist us to feel good and establish connections between people. You should think about using it to receive the same results for your company.

Don’t consider yourself funny?

No worries, you can share content that already exists. That’s what Netflix does when the media shares humorous images from its shows.

Show your funny side and this will help customers see that you’re not just a company focused on selling a product. But rather a human who can cast aside your seriousness and have fun.

Let Your Team Stand In The Spotlight

When you let customers see the people behind the company. It’s a strong way to make your brand more human. If customers are only looking at your logo all the time they might not see the humanness of your brand.

Take some high-quality pictures of your team and showcase them on your website and your social media pages. It’s not required to hire a professional photographer, smartphones today can take some pretty amazing shots.

You can even share your employee of the month, include a narrative about what makes that employee great. Showing the phenomenal people behind the company will help customers put a face to the brand.

Sharing User-Generated Content

When you share user-generated content, it works to make your brand more human in two ways:

  • #1 It’s mind-blowing to the person who gets their photo featured on your website or social media page.
  • #2 It shows other customers that you have great relationships with those customers already enjoy your products.

Instead of asking consumers to blindly trust a company’s declarations, customers will see real people being in love with your product. Which in turn promotes trust in your brand.

If you don’t have access to any user-generated content, ask your consumers for it. To achieve this in a marketing campaign, add it to your packages for shipping or design a post on social media. Encourage customers to take a photo of or with your product and to share it in combination with a branded hashtag.

Tell Genuine Stories

Try not to spend all of your time online only talking about how amazing your company is. Instead, share real and authentic stories about your companies failures and lessons that you’ve learned. This will assist customers to better relate with you. In fact, it’s been proven that shared pain may have positive social consequences. Shared pain acts as a “glue” if you will and promotes solid togetherness between groups.

Share members stories with your target audience that they can directly relate to, instead of simply stating your brand is perfect. You can share stories of your consumers who have previously struggled. But have achieved success with assistance from your company or product. This will not just make your brand more human but will boost sales too.

Show Your Customers Appreciation

Telling your customers that you appreciate them is one of the best ways to make your brand more human. Show appreciation for your top customers. By sending them free products or offering exclusive discounts with a personal message.

Not every business can afford to send out free products to all of their top consumers. But sending a present to just a couple of your all-star fans can go a long way.

For a more cost-effective strategy, show appreciation to new clients by sending a simple welcome and thank you email . Not only will this type of appreciation for your customers make your brand more human. It will turn those clients into your brand ambassadors.

Now It’s Your Turn

Be aware that your business may have a lot more die-hard clients with these tips to make your brand more human. Customers will be able to connect with your company and relate to you on an even deeper level. They will want to have a relationship with your business long term.