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10 Effective Types Of Email Marketing Part 2

Types of Email Marketing Part 2:

6. Transactional Emails

As the name implies, transactional emails are related to transactions. That your subscribers have had with your company. The opposite of engagement emails, their goal is to initiate the close on a sale.

They can also be used to send out and/or request updates on customers orders. Due to this, they’re always triggered by a specific customer action and automatically sent.

Additionally, an engagement email could also be sent in real-time. Or plan a scheduled date for the email to be sent rather than automatically triggering one.

Here are some transactional emails that you can use in your email marketing campaign:

7. A Cart Abandonment Reminder

One of the most popular types of transaction emails that are essential for any online store is the cart abandonment reminders. This is the type of email that you send out when a potential customer added items to their online cart but didn’t follow through on their purchase. These can provide an opportunity for you to increase your potential profit. Since approximately 2 out of 3 online cart transactions are abandoned.

A well-written cart abandonment email includes two things:

  • A prominent call-to-action
  • Some compelling content to remind the customer of why they should complete the sale

8. Time Sensitive Promos

Promotional emails that are time sensitive include an offer that will expire within a specified amount of time. This offer can be about the limited availability of a product or service. Maybe it could be a discount that’s available only for a limited time.

When you send out these types of emails, what you write in the subject line must be clear to the customer about the time sensitivity of the email. If not, the customer might not feel as it’s urgent enough to open it immediately.

9. Receipt Emails

It’s the standard for any online store to send out an order confirmation or a receipt email once a customer has completed a transaction. But rather than just showing the order details, there are various things you can do to make your receipts bring in additional returns.

Another way you can encourage additional purchases via email receipts. Is for you to show customers products they can buy in the future that are related to what they have purchased. You don’t always need to use receipt emails to encourage additional sales. But you should always try to use it for reinforcing your brand.

Bland “text only” emails with only order details are easy to forget and are a missed branding opportunity.

10. Follow Up On Sales

If your business sells a physical product, odds are customers will have to wait a bit before they receive their order. You can use this valuable time to send a post-transaction email updating the status of their order. Whether it’s been shipped, delivered, or has arrived.

Similar to email receipts, it’s crucial that these emails are optimized for their branding opportunity. Don’t just send the order update details in plain text.

You can also include the following:

A variety of necessary order information such as:

  • Expected arrival date
  • Order Status
  • Contact information for customer support

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