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Why Do You Need Animated Marketing Videos For Your Business?

Why Do You Need Animated Videos For Your Business?

Leveraging animated marketing videos content is a powerful marketing strategy to grow, promote, and brand your business online and beyond. According to Small Business Trends, in 2019, the global consumer internet video traffic made up 80% of the total consumer internet traffic.

When creating a video that hits the right spot and preferably goes viral, it all comes down to the process of 2D animation you are currently deploying.

Building an impactful video starts with the right team and a 2D animation company has the competency to bring your vision to life.

The perfect video complemented with an effective marketing strategy can be game-changing for your business.

However, only when you understand the impact and reach of animated video, you truly comprehend your role in making it a reality.

Here are some solid reasons why your businesses need animated videos to reach the next step of success.

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Gets You To Stand Out Within The Industry Crowd:

Digital marketing is going big. It’s no more news that it has transformed the marketplace into an extremely competitive ecosystem where no businesses want to miss out on adding to the brand equity.

With Facebook generating 8 billion video views on average every day, and YouTube reporting their mobile video consumption increasing by 100% year after year, it’s clear that without video as an integral component in your marketing strategy, you stand literally nowhere in this war of the brands.

People, without any doubt, want to watch good videos, it helps them feel a strong association with the brand. Hence, to truly stand out and build a strong brand presence, you can really use the help of a professional 2D animation company that can help you create innovative and creative video content that mainly speaks to your audience.

It Does The Hard Selling For You:

Research shows marketers who incorporate video into their marketing campaigns experience 34% higher conversion rates.

And it’s understandable. With the kind of passion that people are watching videos online, and it is only apparent it’s going to influence their decision.

A study shows, as high 95% of people have watched an explainer video to find out more about any product or services, and around 81% of them were convinced to purchase after watching the video.

Whether you are trying to sell books or car rental services, marketing products, and services through user-centric videos will help you better penetrate the market.

Engage Your Audience For You

In this competitive landscape, any publicity is good publicity. With ample content available on digital channels, it is only getting harder for brands to keep their audiences engaged with the brand.

However, video content gets you an opportunity to interact with people. According to a study, videos on social media platforms generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined. The more a prospect connects with your video content, the more they share, helping you further spread the message within the community.

Enabling you to engage your audience and maybe provoke a conversation that will be the first step into making a sale.

Animated videos are a brilliant way to engage potential customers. That said, you want to construct your content that adds value, connects with the people, and grabs their attention. 

Gets You More Visibility:

Just like us, Google also loves video content. Incorporating videos, relevant to the purpose of the webpage can help in improving your SEO and rank higher on search engine results. This enables you and your content to be more accessible and visible to prospects.

Moreover, the longer a visitor stays on your website, the better it reflects on your search engine ranking. Including engaging animated videos on your website will be a great incentive for visitors to take their time. This is one of the significant ways of how animated videos contribute exceptionally to business growth.

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Helps You Share Complex Product Information to Prospects:

Animated videos are a great way to share complicated or, at times, relatively dull information to business leads and still be able to capture their interest.

Often when introducing new products or services, particularly in the tech industry, companies look for interactive ways to deliver software demos and inform the audience on how a particular product works. Animated videos come incredibly handy in such situations.

Moreover, videos do more than just share information about the product; they give viewers a glimpse of the value and experience the product will deliver. Using animated videos like whiteboard of 2D animation significantly simplifies the product and makes the audience more receptive to its use.

Builds your Digital Goodwill and Brand Reputation

No matter whether you operate in a B2B or B2C market, in the existing ecosystem, business is all about network and brand reputation.

One of the great ways to provide excellent brand experience is to run an Omnichannel marketing strategy. You want to engage your audience through email, social media channels, third-party forums, and other online and offline platforms. And a compelling animated video is currently one of the best ways to do that. It sets you apart and empowers you to enjoy the position of a brand that is looking to actively engage its community and potential prospects.

Moreover, if you are planning a meetup for potential clients or have a sales meeting or presentation lined up, the exceptional element about animated videos is that they are fantastic to draw people in and start a conversation with them.

Expand the Reach of Your Brand:

Video content helps you increase your share-ability. Generating explainer, educational, or product videos give you great material to share on social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram’s IGTV.

If your content is engaging and relevant, it has a high chance of people sharing, commenting, and interacting with it. And with every share and comment, the video is adding to their brand’s reach, helping it to break into new markets and networks.

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It Adds Life To Your Brand:

In this age of heightened awareness, people are generally more observant and mindful of the impact of their decision on society and the environment.

They will prefer to buy product or services from a brand with a more human element to them then a company that operates as an emotionless corporation.

Videos are a great way to portray the more lively side of your business. From testimonials videos to product videos that include actually the team that worked on it, they make your brand more real for people. In this competitive landscape, you never know what works out for you, hence it is essential not to leave any stone unturned.

Making An Impact

Animated videos are working wonders for several businesses and companies in a diverse set of industry verticals.

They have become much more than a tool to inform audiences, with an impact on your bottom-line videos are now an essential part of your marketing campaign.

It is also true; not all animated videos become hit with people. The effectiveness of your 2D animation company and its process plays a big part in the success of the video. Hence, make sure every decision you make; it’s based on achieving the desired result.

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