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7 Ways Video Walls Can Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

One of the most challenging things about running a business is identifying the right marketing strategies. Advertising and marketing efforts are one of the most important determinants of how profitable your business is. Your strategies can never be successful until you can convert as many targeted leads as possible at a lower marketing cost.

Unfortunately, you may have to experiment with different marketing strategies and spend a lot of money before you discover the right approach for your business. It makes no sense to spend lots of money on conventional marketing strategies that end up bringing little or no sales. Finding the correct marketing strategy that will reach your target audience is important. One marketing strategy that has proven to complement all conventional forms of marketing is using video walls for marketing. In this post, we will look at what video walls are, and 7 ways video walls can enhance your marketing efforts.

What are video walls and how can you make them work for your business?

Video walls are flat screen TV sets mounted on walls or mounted on poles and held by chains. Choosing a strategic location for your video wall determines the success of this strategy. Thus, your video wall should be mounted in public places where many people can see what you project through these TV sets. It is essential to make sure the location you choose captures your target audience. Also, ensure your videos are well edited, professional and focuses on the products and services you sell .

1. How video walls enhance your marketing efforts.
Every business deals with changing circumstances at different times. For instance, your competitors can decide to launch a very competitive product or service when you least expect it. Video walls give you room to adapt to such challenges and changes as soon as they happen. Your ability to adapt quickly to such changes will help you keep your old clients and attract new ones. This is because video walls can be changed with only a click of a button. These video walls also allow you to change the content of your video walls to inform, educate and entertain your clients.

2. Captures the attention of your clients.
We live in an age where people hate seeing advertisements because they are all over the place. Millions of people find ads annoying, but would rather munch on favorite snack or use the restroom during a commercial break while watching their favorite TV program. Video walls solve the problem of people ignoring your ads because they are captivating, big, bold and hard to ignore. The fact that video walls do not invade your clients’ or prospects’ privacy make them ideal for capturing their attention without leaving them annoyed.

3. Easy relocation
Your business will go wherever opportunities arise. You may decide to change your business location whenever there is a good reason to do so. When such happens, you can change the location of your video walls to target your new audience. This is not possible with conventional styles of marketing such as billboard ads, TV and radio ads.

4. Reduced cost of advertising
Video walls reduce your advertising costs while bringing in the desired sales. Marketing is a very costly endeavor irrespective of what marketing strategy you choose. If you decide to go with social media ads, TV or radio ads, you will need to pay monthly advertising fees. Banner ads are also expensive because they fade fast. But video walls can run for 24 hours and work for 10 years without any additional costs to you.

5. Establishes your brand as a giant in your niche
The creativity involved in creating, installing and running video walls makes video walls unique. Most businesses do not use video walls because they do not know how to go about it. Using video walls will stand your company out from others as one brand to trust for quality.

6. Enhances customer experience
No matter what products and services you offer, finding related content you can share with your clients and prospects to entertain them will help you build a community of loyal customers. You can come up with creative marketing videos to show on your video walls such as satisfied customers sharing their experience and testimonials about your product or service. You can organize seminars and webinars and air them on your video walls.

7. Attracts new clients
One striking benefit of using video walls as an advertising strategy is that it helps bring in new prospects that can easily convert to long-term customers. Mounting your video walls in strategic places can spread the word about your brand to a broader audience and attract the attention of prospects who might never have heard about your business.

When you use video walls as a marketing strategy well, it’s sure to help bring in more sales with fewer efforts and at a lesser advertising cost. If this is not something you can handle due to the technicalities involved, MainStreet Design can help you get it right.