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Important New years resolutions for any size business

The new year is a terrific time to set goals for the year ahead. You may have plans to eat healthier, exercise more often, or finally take that trip you’ve been talking about forever.

For small and large business owners alike, making new years resolutions can significantly affect their success.

1. Find a partner

This may be the most crucial detail in this catalog of new year’s resolutions for all business owners. In a study on accountability from The American Society of Training and Development. The research found people are 65% more likely to meet a goal after committing to a partnership.

That’s a pretty good increase.

That possibility of success increases to 95% once they build in ongoing meetings with their new partners to check on their progress.

That’s a tremendous difference!

The bottom line is:
Write down your goals, find a partner, and make sure you regularly schedule meetings with them. You’ll be checking things off your list faster than ever!

2. Better Communication

Primarily, turn the focus to more quality than quantity. You can blast out all the Facebook posts you want every day and retweet well into the night. But there are many ways you can connect with your current and potential customers better by doing a little less.

Instead, focus on posting timely information that encourages your audience to engage with you or share your content.

Efficient ways to do this:

  • Reply to comments on your posts.
  • Leave comments and like the content on other pages.
  • Include personalized notes on pictures or posts that you share.
  • Schedule time to make a few real connections every day. You will see your relationships get stronger.

3. Offer help

Not sure how to find someone?

LinkedIn has an excellent feature called Career Advice. Answer a few quick questions and it will match you with someone based on your preferences.

Do you recall when you first started on your career path?

You were most likely excited and hopeful though simultaneously feeling nervous and unsure.

Did you have any help, or could you have used more?

One of the many new year’s resolutions for all business owners is to repay in kind. Offer help to someone in your industry just starting out, who could use mentoring or advice.

Your goodwill will not go unrecognized, as you will be seen as both a master in your field and also a person people want to do business with.

4. Think Beyond today

As you think about your resolutions for 2019, take into account 2020 and beyond.

Just the idea of this can seem daunting, so start by marking up a calendar with a list. You can go the traditional paper route and find a planner to use.

If you want to keep things digital, check out some goal tracker apps:

  • Notebook (Everything Starts Here)
  • CRM (Customer Relations Management)

  • TimeCamp
  • BrainFocus (Available in Play Store)

Write out what you would like to see your business grow into with these examples:

  • Include both personal and professional goals you’d like to accomplish.
  • Think about what measures you can take to turn those dreams a reality.
  • Use this plan as a way to motivate and stay on track with goals during 2019.

5. Make Balance a priority

A workday for a small business owner isn’t always Monday-Friday 9-5. Burnout is on the rise, and it affects both your mental and physical health. So it’s crucial to take the time you need to recharge.

Great ways to balance:

  • Exercise when you can.
  • Spend time with people in your life you love and care about.
  • Get a good nights rest.
  • Take out time for yourself.

Change in a small percentage of your free time to yourself will have big advantages. Among your mind refreshed and your body energy up your personal and professional success will benefit.

6. Delegation

All business owners and entrepreneurs are used to doing anything and everything, but should they have to?

Delegating projects to someone else can be difficult for those who are used to doing everything needed to run a business. However, delegation can free you up to focus on what you love and what your best at.

The answers may guide you to work that you should let someone else do.

Try asking yourself these questions:

  • What do you fear doing ?
  • What increases your anxiety?
  • Can someone else do in a shorter time period that takes you hours?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation moreover learn how we can help you and your business grow and succeed in the new year.